4 Pieces Of Furniture You Need To Have For Your Hair Salon

4 Pieces Of Furniture You Need To Have For Your Hair Salon

27 October 2019
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If opening a hair salon was always on your agenda and you are now in the process of buying furniture for the salon because it is going to open in the coming weeks, there are some essential pieces of furniture that you will need to have. Selecting the right salon furniture is a must because you want the furniture to look good in the salon and keep your guests comfortable. If you have good furniture, you can easily enhance the experience for each guest.

Comfortable Salon Chairs

Start searching for comfortable salon chairs. You will need to have several of these chairs available for your guests to sit on while you are working on their hair. If you plan to multitask by waiting on multiple clients at once or if you plan to hire some stylists, you will need to have enough chairs to accommodate numerous guests at one time. Choose salon chairs with extra-wide seats to provide plenty of space for clients of all sizes. Consider getting salon chairs that are easy to rotate and adjust when you need to lower the height of the chair or increase it while you are working. Test chairs out to see how comfortable they are before you buy them.

Dryer Chairs

When clients need to sit under the dryer while their hair is processing, it is important to have comfortable chairs to offer. Some clients will need to sit under the dryer for 30 minutes or more. Choose chairs that are comfortable and convenient because of the features they offer, such as multiple settings for the dryer and a timer that will go off when clients have been under the dryer for a specific amount of time.

Spacious Styling Vanity

Order several spacious styling vanities to use throughout the salon. You can choose vanities with mirrors attached or add mirrors to them. The vanities are a must-have because they will provide you with a convenient place to put your styling tools, such as your flat iron, hairdryer, cutting shears, and assorted brushes.

Adjustable Shampoo Bowl Station

Invest in adjustable shampoo bowl stations to give clients a better experience when you are washing their hair. Instead of having them hold their heads in awkward positions, you can adjust the angle of the shampoo bowl to increase the comfort of each client while you are shampooing, conditioning, and rinsing the hair.

When salon furniture, make sure you purchase these essential items. You need to have comfortable salon chairs, dryer chairs, spacious vanities, and adjustable shampoo bowl stations.