How To Protect Your Sensitive Skin This Winter

How To Protect Your Sensitive Skin This Winter

26 November 2019
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If you have sensitive skin, winter can be one of the most challenging times of the year. The combination of cold weather and dry air can really do some damage to sensitive skin. That is why you need to know how to take care of your skin and protect it during the long winter period.

Limit the Length of Your Showers

You should not stop showering on a daily basis in the winter. However, you should limit your showers to about ten minutes and avoid using super-hot water. Super-hot water and showers in general can really dry out your skin and make your already dry skin feel even worse. Keep your showers short and stick to warm instead of steaming-hot showers.

Change Out Your Soaps

When you shower, try to use gentle cleansers and cleansing lotions. Avoid soaps that create lots of suds. All those suds can actually be really harsh on your skin and dry it out. Stick to soaps that are really gentle, and if you are really having issues with overall dry skin, just focus on using soap on your armpits and private areas, and lay off putting soap on the rest of your body.

Reduce the Scrubs

If you generally like to apply salt or sugar scrubs to your body, you should reduce the frequency that you use these products in the winter. Instead of using these products on a weekly basis, use them once a month or so. Removing dead skin is good, but too much scrubbing can irritate dry, sensitive skin.

Pat Your Body Dry

Instead of taking your towel and rubbing yourself dry when you get out of the shower, change the way that you dry off. Take your towel and lightly pat your skin dry. This is gentler on your skin. Also, don't use the same towel all week. Change your towel every few days. Using the same towel for too many days can allow bacteria to grow on the towel and get on your skin.

Put on That Lotion Right Away

Apply lotion to your body when you get out of the shower, while your skin is still a little damp. Applying moisturizer when you get out of the shower and your skin is already a little damp and hydrated can help keep your skin from getting dry later on. You may want to change out the moisturizer that you use as well. In the winter, use a nice, thick moisturizer on your skin.

When it comes to your sensitive skin in the winter, you need to change your shower routine. Take short showers with warm water and use gentle soaps. Reduce the frequency of body scrubs, pat your skin dry, and put on nice, thick lotion right after you get out of the shower to lock in the moisture.

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