How To Get Wavy Curls

How To Get Wavy Curls

23 December 2019
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

Even though straight hair is making a comeback, wavy hair is still one of the biggest trends in hair. If you either have naturally really straight hair or if you just don't know how to create the perfect wave, then this article is just for you. From adding wavy hair extensions to your hair to using a smaller curling iron, here are some tips that you won't want to miss. 

Add Wavy Hair Extensions to Your Routine

If you look on Instagram and see beauty bloggers with both long and short hair who have volume and fullness, you can bet that they are wearing hair extensions. Although hair extensions used to primarily be used for length, more and more women are using them for volume and texture. To help add more of that wavy look that you are going for, get wavy hair extensions. These hair extensions have a wave already in them so you won't have to worry about waving them or curling them, which will save you some time in the morning. 

Get Layers In Your Hair

If your hair is all one length, it is going to be heavier on the bottom and have a hard time holding curls. When you have layers, it's easier for your hair to naturally hold curls. If you still like the look of having hair that's all one length, your hairstylist can add some long layers into your hair that blend really well so that it doesn't even look like you have any in there. The added texture will definitely make a difference when you are doing your hair. 

Use a Smaller Curling Iron

If you are using a big barrel curl to get waves in your hair, you probably aren't getting very far. Consider getting a smaller barrel curling iron. When you first use it to curl your hair, the curls will be tight, but as soon as you brush through them, they will create the ultimate wavy look that you have been going for. Just make sure that you buy a curling iron that's hot enough so that your curls stay in place. 

The great thing about wearing wavy hair extensions and knowing how to style your hair is that it can typically last a few days without you having to do much with it. To learn more about wavy hair products or extensions, visit a retailer near you.