Natural Ingredients That Make For A Moisturizing Bath

Natural Ingredients That Make For A Moisturizing Bath

26 February 2020
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If you frequently struggle with dry skin, then you may want to bathe in a bath that contains some naturally moisturizing ingredients. Doing so can help impart deeper, longer-lasting moisture than you experience just from slathering on moisturizer. But what natural ingredients should you be looking for in moisturizing bath products? Take a look.


Oatmeal has long been known for its moisturizing qualities. It is also very soothing, which is helpful since many cases of dry skin are actually related to sensitivity and irritation. You will find a lot of bath products that are sold as oatmeal soaks or oatmeal baths. The oatmeal they contain is ground up very finely, almost into oat flour, so that it dissolves readily in the bath. 

Olive Oil

Some people use olive oil as a moisturizer. This is definitely an effective approach, as olive oil is a calming, neutral oil that can help soften your skin without clogging pores. You can also find bath products that are made with olive oil. Often, the oil will be combined with an emulsifier, which will help it dissolve in the water rather than just floating on top. You may feel like your skin is a little slippery after stepping out of a bath that contains olive oil, but give it a few minutes — the lingering oil should absorb into your skin, providing lasting softness.


It might sound really strange to bathe in avocado, but indeed, you can find bath products that contain finely ground, dried avocado. These products can be really moisturizing since avocados are high in fatty acids such as omega-3s. Avocados also contain vitamins C and E, which can not only moisturize your skin but help protect it against further damage that might make it more irritated and dry.


Aloe is famous for being the plant that helps heal burns and wounds. But did you know that the reason why it is so healing is that it is very moisturizing? Bath products that contain aloe are exceptionally nice when it's the middle of winter and your skin is chapped from exposure. Since aloe contains both oils and proteins, it will literally help rebuild your skin's protective layer. 

When looking for natural, moisturizing bath products, keep your eyes peeled for the ingredients above. You might even find a bath additive that contains two or three of these ingredients for an enhanced effect. For more information, contact a natural bath products supplier.