4 Reasons To Use CBD Lip Balm

4 Reasons To Use CBD Lip Balm

23 April 2020
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

Lip balm is a personal care item that everyone should have on hand. It can protect your lips from harsh weather, ease dryness, and even prime your lips for makeup. There are so many types of lip balm available that choosing just one can be tough. Cannabidiol has many healthcare applications, but it's also good for the skin. Since hemp has become legal, many manufacturers have begun adding this fantastic plant extract to their beauty products. Here are four reasons you should start using CBD lip balm:

1. Restore moisture to your lips.

CBD extract is taken from hemp plants. It is often extracted in the form of hemp oil, a liquid that has wonderful moisturizing properties. CBD lip balm is manufactured with other ingredients specifically chosen to hydrate your skin. Beeswax, petrolatum, and honey are all commonly found in lip balms. Heal chapped lips caused by dehydration, low humidity, or cold weather.

2. Soften your lips.

Hemp oil is an emollient, which means it will soften your skin. When used regularly, CBD lip balm will make your lips softer. Keep your lips supple and kissable by reapplying your lip balm frequently. CBD is non-psychoactive. It's safe at any concentration, so you can apply lip balm whenever your lips feel dry, without worrying about getting too much CBD in your system.

3. Soothe the pain of chapped lips.

CBD is excellent for relieving pain. Many people choose hemp ointments to relieve muscle and joint pain. The same property makes it beneficial for lip care. If your lips hurt due to severe dryness, CBD lip balm will moisturize them while also providing pain relief. Using a CBD lip balm can prevent you from relying on NSAIDs like ibuprofen, which can be bad for your stomach and liver when taken too frequently.

4. Prime your lips for makeup.

When you have CBD lip balm, you won't need to purchase an expensive lip primer. It's important to prepare your lips before putting on lipstick, especially if you're using a matte formula. However, lip balm can get the job done. To use your CBD lip balm as a primer, apply it liberally after you wash your face. Allow it to soak into your lips while you apply your foundation, blush, and eye makeup. Save your lipstick for last. When you're ready to apply it, blot the excess lip balm off your lips with a tissue, then apply your lipstick as usual.