5 Reasons to Go to Cosmetology School

13 January 2020
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If you're thinking ahead to your future, you may be deciding what you want to study so that you can make a career for yourself. There are many ways to get an education and learn new skills, but it doesn't have to be in a traditional college setting. Many people choose to attend cosmetology school or beauty school to learn how to do hair, makeup, skincare, and nails. This can offer helpful training and can prepare you for a future career in beauty. Read More …

Why A Hot Tub Swim Spa Might Be Right For Your Home

2 January 2020
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When you think of a hot tub, you probably imagine three or four people sitting closely together in a small spa, and perhaps there's a larger swimming pool nearby. But did you know that it's now possible to get a hot tub swim spa which essentially combines the best of both a hot tub and a swimming pool? If you are in the market for a new hot tub (or a new swimming pool), here's why you might want to first look at hot tub swim spas before you make your final decision. Read More …

3 Easy Ways To Soothe Eczema Symptoms

30 December 2019
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An eczema flareup can make you miserable, and prescription medications don't always alleviate symptoms. Incessant itching can make it difficult to sleep, while bumpy rashes may deter you from wearing your favorite outfits. Over time, you may even develop red patches on your skin that ooze or crust from your frequent scratching. Unfortunately, there's no cure for the frustrating symptoms of eczema, but you may find relief from these simple suggestions. Read More …

How To Feel Confident When Losing Hair Due To Cancer Treatments

27 December 2019
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After receiving an unexpected and shocking cancer diagnosis, you may have quickly started to undergo treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation to fight the cancerous cells. While you are putting up a fight to beat cancer, there are certain side effects of the treatments that might have made you feel unhappy and less confident. Those who undergo chemotherapy and radiation will often experience hair loss in different places, including hair on the head and face, such as the eyebrows. Read More …

Things You Can Do To Try To Save Your Hair While Undergoing Chemo

24 December 2019
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If you have been diagnosed with cancer and will soon begin chemo treatments, you might have already started to wonder if you are going to lose you hair. Some people will lose all of their hair, some will not lose any of it, and then there are some people who will just notice a little thinning of their hair. This might give you cause for concern, especially as many people find that losing a lot of hair, especially very quickly, can be traumatic. Read More …